Yarn Camp at Lancaster Yarn Shop

Yarn Camp at Lancaster Yarn Shop


The definition of “knit” is “to tie together.”  Knitting is a way to make fabric from yarn and a way to make community from individuals.   The Lancaster Yarn Shop community is tied together by our common love of yarn and color and handwork.  Knitters and crocheters (and quilters!) are friendly and interesting folks, sharing their favorite skills and techniques and offering an encouraging word when needed.  The LYS community is built from Thursday Knit Night (5-8 pm, all welcome!), Classes and Free Workshops, and online knit-a-longs, for example.


Another example of community building is LYS Yarn Camp every summer.  Yarn Camp is a weeklong series of Workshops and Classes designed to encourage and promote yarn-y interests and skills while also encouraging and promoting community.  Summer Yarn Camp 2013 has just wrapped up and was a big success.  We began Monday morning with an Absolute Beginner’s workshop and wound up Friday with First Time Baby Socks.  Each day we gathered to learn and share together – friends were made, acquaintances renewed, and a few rows of COMMUNITY were knit.  This is Camp as we like it:  YARN, air conditioning, YARN, comfortable chair, YARN, community!  It was a great week and we look forward to seeing returning and new ‘campers’ next year at YARN CAMP 2014!


Lancaster Yarn Shop is part of a global community of knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers–people who love yarn.  One of the best things about our location at Kitchen Kettle Village is the opportunity to make connections with people from all over the world.  A knitter from Australia may find a skein of locally hand dyed yarn, and a few weeks later a picture on our Facebook page lets us see her finished project!  We also keep in touch through crafty websites like Ravelry and Pinterest.  The global fiber community that is possible in the twenty-first century takes age old traditions and keeps them fresh. There’s never been a better time to love yarn!


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