Wedding Favors Made Easy

Wedding Favors Made Easy

It is June, and for many that means marking off multiple weekends on the calendar in the coming months to attend the weddings of friends and loved ones. For some, it also means planning their own special day. Venues, food, flowers, invitations, the list goes on. As someone who has yet to be so lucky as to “find the right one” and go through this process, I always thought of these items as merely boxes on a list that must get checked off, details forgotten about once finalized, and not the “soul” of the event. After working with couples over the last year to provide them our mini-jam jars as an Event Favor Specialist, I realize now I could not have been more wrong. It is amazing the feelings that can be conveyed to guests and memories made for an event with a small jar of jelly.

Many of the couples we have provided favors for come from families who have been

Kitchen Kettle Village Mini Jars

Our Mini Jars

lifelong guests of the village. For them and their guests, our jar with the Kitchen Kettle label evokes memories of trips with their loved ones. It is a strong reminder of and connection to their past, which brought them to this event that will shape the rest of their lives.

We also provide favors with custom labels designed and printed here at the village, or with no labels at all, providing a canvas for couples to express their feelings and provide the specific memory they wish to create. I am consistently surprised by the message that can be conveyed by just a few carefully selected words and pictures. We have done labels

Labeling an Order

Labeling an Order

for a couple that included outlines of the bride’s home state of Georgia and the groom’s home country of New Guinea. Musical couples have added music notes or sayings such as “Thanks For Jammin’ With Us”. Southern couples have added pictures of “his and her’s” boots. Animal lovers have requested that chickens, horses, owls, and countless breeds of dogs adorn their labels. It has been very exciting and interesting helping these couples ideas come to fruition.

Even more exciting is to hear the responses when the couples and their guests get the

Kitchen Kettle Village Mini Jars with Custom Wedding Event Favor Label

Our Jars with Custom Wedding Favor Label

event favors into their hands. Almost daily, we receive phone calls, letters, and e-mails with kind words and pictures from happy couples. It still amazes me that people are touched enough to take the time to pass these notes on to us in the days after the biggest event of their lives. The favors program allows us to share their special day, and provides some of the most rewarding experiences for myself at the village. For this reason, I am personally grateful for the opportunity to continue with the program. Also, when the day comes to “tie the knot”, I know I won’t have to stress over event favors. Kitchen Kettle Village will have it covered…deliciously!

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