Spring is Here!

rainbowSpring has arrived in all its glory! Today, I saw the most impressive rainbow in 86 years as my daughter was driving me 50 miles from home. I kept looking for the brilliant source but the arch continued completely to form a perfect dome with a paler second one on the right side. It was amazing and I was reminded of God’s promise to us and to himself and thanked him for our many blessings.

This cold and snowy winter has allowed us to make many improvements in the Village. Two stores have been moved and we are delighted about their new decor. The Jam & relish Kitchen has again been enlarged to accommodate our increasing valued customers. New systems in the Cafe will move people quickly. Year end reports were filed and many new projects for our 60th Anniversary Celebration (this August) have been planned. Long time friends are already returning so join the fun and see what is old and new. I will try to be there too!

-Pat Burnley, Founder, Kitchen Kettle Village

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