Memories of my past keep coming back…

Proper names have always been a problem for me—in spite of many classes that I attended to improve. It has been embarrassing to say the least. However, whenever words are set to music, I have little problem. Maybe I should try singing a name when I learn it. Next week we plan to sing songs from the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s in the dining room for an hour with only piano accompaniment. That should be interesting.

Memories of my past keep coming back to entertain me. After I sold my car and house and moved here to the Long Community, to my third floor apartment, I remember my daughter picking me up at 7:30am. I would find my way through elevators and hallways and wished I could live on the first floor. Soon I met Charlie Coon who had a very neat first floor apartment with a shaded porch; just right for my furniture that lead right out to my daughter’s car. I would hitch a ride home with one of the willing drivers early afternoon and still be in touch with Kitchen Kettle Village.

Pat & Charlie

             Pat & Charlie at their wedding

Almost a year later, Charlie married me and kindly shared his lovely apartment. I have been so blessed by his trips to the store, doctor, and his church in Leola and mine next door. We try to show up at Kitchen Kettle each week to see family and friends. Last week, my buddy, Carl Gehman, returned from a Michigan trip with a Coca Cola bottle for me that read, “Lean on Me” and he remembered how I loved our singing that song on the bus trip to Hershey Park years ago. When I returned to my old desk, my dear granddaughter, Devon, was playing “Lean on Me”. That is why I still love to keep in touch with all of you.

Last week, we drove to see 100-year-old Elizabeth Lapp, a name I will never forget, especially when I make my bed with her cross-stitched quilt. I must display the amazing one that Elizabeth made for my former guest room (Charlie’s apartment is just too small for that).

This month, Joanne’s daughter, Allyson, will be joining her to welcome our friends who spend theirs nights in our fine rooms at the Inn. It is my continued pleasure to watch my family join you in the growing experience of Kitchen Kettle.Pat Burnley

Thank you,


Pat Burnley