Made Locally … and Lovingly

The sign says “locally crafted”, while colorful handbags and totes in popular designs and fabrics adorn the windows. But it isn’t until you walk through the doors of

Cloverfields Window

Cloverfields Window

Cloverfields that you realize the quality and craftsmanship of each item. And there are hundreds of items. So many that guests often question if they’re truly all locally-made.

Wall of Purses

Cloverfields Bags


Diane in Her Workshop


“I create the designs, select the fabrics and do all of the prep work,” says Diane Vincent, the Cloverfields founder and owner. “Then I take five to six full bags a week to my seamstress for completion.” Those five to six bags of parts return to Diane as several hundred finished pieces of luggage, totes, handbags, and accessories. Several hundred. Each week.

Diane’s operation didn’t always produce at that pace. Born from the desire to spend time at home with her young children while making some spending money and drawing upon the sewing skills she learned as a child, Diane founded Cloverfields.  “I don’t remember exactly when I learned to sew, but I remember my sisters and I having to sit on a bench and stitch quilt patches together. That was our ‘time out’ when we misbehaved,” she explains with a grin. Diane designed and sewed some handbags and took them to area businesses to see if they’d like to sell them. One shopkeeper recommended she try Kitchen Kettle Village. The rest, as they say, is history.

Diane with pieces

Diane Checking Pieces

While a large cutting table sits ready in a back corner of her shop, Diane still designs and cuts her bags at home in her basement workshop. Surrounded by bolts of fabric and shelves of straps, lining material, and cut pieces, Diane happily and lovingly crafts her bags, always attaching her signature tags (and hand-signing a special few): “Enjoy! Diane.”

Diane's Tag Signature

Diane’s Signature

Visit the Cloverfields website for the full story of the making of Cloverfields. And be sure to ask Diane how she came up with the Cloverfields name next time you visit her here at Kitchen Kettle Village!