Looking for Cloverfields?

Looking for Cloverfields?

Cloverfields2Cloverfields has moved.  You know Cloverfields, right?  It’s the dream and hard work that Diane Vincent orchestrates to make that colorful, beautiful and very practical array of handmade bags come to life.  And now she’s moved that store to The Porch Shops at Kitchen Kettle Village where it’s bigger, brighter and even more fun than before.

Diane included a kids’ section in this new store where little ones can make flower buds all by themselves that attach to the bags’ straps, zippers and almost anywhere you’d like on one of her bags.  She also found room to put a cutting table so you watch sewers create the beginnings of a bag right before your eyes – just like in the Jam & Relish Kitchen at Kitchen Kettle.Cloverfields3

Diane , affectionately referred to as “The Bag Lady” she tells me, has found lots of new fabrics, lots of new room and lots of fun designs for 2014.  Don’t worry when you walk past her old location and see Cottage Collections.  They’re there because Diane outgrew her old digs.  She’s up by Tin ‘n Treasures and By Candlelight and she can’t wait to show you around.  Let her know you read about it in Kettle Talk – that will make me look good!


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