Kitchen Kettle’s First 25 Years

Kitchen Kettle’s First 25 Years

It is finally finished!  After a full life of 85 years I have finally sent tales of Kitchen Kettle’s first 25 years to the printer.  I practiced my craft with memory books for each of the six grandchildren as they graduated from various high schools and colleges.  I took two short writing courses to learn the basics.  And now I will be able to send a long happy new year letter to many friends and associates who remember when Bob and I first began in business together.

During the 35 years after the book’s timeline we continue to grow but I will let those more involved tell the stories of that chapter.  Bob’s and my three children’s experience was different than ours as they transformed our small collection of shops into a Village that greeted thousands, sometimes millions, of people every year.  And the third generation  continues to enhance the experience for our guests.  Hundreds of wonderful employees have come and sometimes gone but often return to visit.

Our whole story is really about how we became “Simply…World Famous” through the chp_book_glassesefforts of my family and friends and the influence of the Amish community.  Ask about the first 25 years when you come to visit.  Maybe I’ll have an extra copy of my “book” for you to take home with you.

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