Keeping It In The Family

Seven years ago, if you would have told me I would be living in my hometown and working at my family’s business, I would have called you crazy.  After 18 years of stocking jelly and selling spice racks I was ready to see the world… or anything other than a cornfield.  I had always been an athlete, so I was automatically drawn to studying exercise physiology in college.  After earning my master’s degree, I had the opportunity of a lifetime: move to sunny south Florida and train elite athletes at a

I've always been an athlete

Coaching Young Athletes

brand new multimillion-dollar sports facility.  I was truly living the dream: single in my twenties, living across the street from a private dog beach, working in a strength and conditioning coach’s Candyland, and training clients that could afford to work with me on a daily basis. What could possibly convince me to leave?

At 24, I hadn’t gone home to Lancaster in over two years. I blamed it on working 60 to 80

Florida Coast View

My Florida Coast View

hours a week, and that my family would always prefer to vacation in Florida so I had no reason to return to Pennsylvania. In March 2014 my grandmother gave me a reason. If anyone knows Pat Burnley, they know what Grammy says goes, so when she asked me to come home for her birthday/wedding weekend I knew I had to book a flight.

Maybe it was actually having a break from coaching, it could have been spending some time with my extended family, perhaps maturing and seeing the real world made me

Intercourse, PA Sunset

Beautiful Intercourse PA Sunset

realize the understated beauty that is Lancaster County, but something inside me had changed. I began to truly appreciate the incredible opportunities Grammy had laid out for all of us. I finally understood why my father had worked so hard to grow his part of the business. I admired how quickly my cousin returned and improved what my uncle had developed. I desired the possibility of being able to learn from my aunt who created her own niche in the company. Getting

Jim & Devon Burnley

My Dad & Me

space from the family business afforded me the opportunity to see the bigger picture of what Kitchen Kettle Village is: a truly remarkable experience.

I am so lucky to have grandparents with vision, extended family with work ethic, and a father with such resolute integrity and patience. I am so happy to learn from them every day and play my part in making Kitchen Kettle Village “Simply World Famous”.


Chubbs Came, Too (Of course!)

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