It’s the Kitchen Kettle Village Company Picnic!

It’s the Kitchen Kettle Village Company Picnic!

Kitchen Kettle Village is a great place to work. We have so many different ways you can share your skills or learn new ones. For many people, it’s the very first time they ever had a job. So they learn the basics – getting to work on time, sticking to the dress code, discovering that a smile and a friendly hello can completely change the way you’re thinking and finding out that teamwork is often the best way to get things done.

Kitchen Kettle Village teamwork

Kitchen Kettle Village Teamwork

For others Kitchen Kettle Village is a way to supplement their family’s income. They like flexible schedules, having the opportunity to work their schedule around ours, and best of all, meeting all kinds of new people who are also working here as well as all those guests we invite to join us in the shops and restaurants every day – over 800,000 guests a year!

And then there are those wonderful people who have decided Kitchen Kettle Village will be their career. Hospitality allows for all kinds of careers – store managers, innkeepers, chefs and cooks, accountants, receptionists, plumbers, carpenters and maintenance workers, real estate developers, human resource managers, coaches … the list goes on and on.

Kitchen Kettle Village company picnic

Fun and fellowship at a Kitchen Kettle Village company picnic

But back to the Company Picnic. All the people I mentioned above gather once a year with their families to have some fun instead of working. We bring in food trucks so the restaurant crews get the night off as well. We celebrate the number of years so many people have chosen to spend here at Kitchen Kettle. We report on a survey we take of our first year team members to make sure they think we’re living out the vision, mission and values we so carefully taught them when they first arrived. We take the time to get to know our co-workers on a more personal level. We listen to some music. And we relax. What a concept – relax!

Company picnic – fun, food and fellowship. Not that raucous Christmas party depicted in so many movies and TV series, huh? But here in Lancaster County we prefer the simple life. So we make sure to take some time to guarantee the people who help us make Kitchen Kettle Village such a great place to work get some time to be simple.

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