Holiday Traditions

The holidays can be such a fun time, stressful at times, but still very fun. It’s a time to bring the family together, slow down and appreciate everything you have in your life. Some people, including myself, have the same tried and true holiday traditions. Maybe they are with friends or family, but you can always count on traditions to bring everyone together for a laugh, hug, or photo op.


Have you ever heard of a “Friendsgiving”? I once knew someone who would have a separate Thanksgiving dinner for just their circle of friends. Each year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, friends would gather with bottles of wine and board games and have a blast with each other. They took photos and just enjoyed catching up with one another. So I stole their idea. Each year, since college, my friends and I get together and have our own fun filled Friendsgiving. It is a wonderful tradition that I look forward to each year. 

Turkey meal with gourdsWhat are you thankful for?

Each year at Thanksgiving we gather around the table with our family at my parents house. The smell of all the delicious food is radiating through the house and our mouths are watering for that first bite, but before any eating can happen my mom requests that we go around the table and tell everyone one thing that we are thankful for this year. One thing for an entire year, not too hard right? You would think it would be easy to raddle something off and move down the line, but can I tell you it really makes you think and by the time you get around the table, I can guarantee that you will have laughed and cried. It is a great tradition that I’m so happy my mom started. Give it a try this year, I bet you’ll be surprised.

Let’s Shop

Since I was a teen, Black Friday was girls day. The best shopping day ever! We would have a big sleep over, get up in the wee hours of the morning, bundle up and pack snacks, pile into the car, and then, you guessed it, shop til we dropped. Each year we have a ball laughing through our exhaustion and just enjoying being together for some fun.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree Snowy road in the pines

This tradition is good and bad for me. Some years I love it, other’s I vow to never again spend an afternoon with my family at the local tree farm. So by now I’m sure you’ve guessed it, we pick our own Christmas tree. That’s right, my family is like the Griswalds of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Well maybe not that bad. Either way this is a yearly tradition that I’m sure some can relate to. It’s either good weather and fun times, or freezing cold for hours searching for the “one”. Does your family do something similar or put up a fake tree? Either way having a Christmas tree and decorating are a great tradition for many families.

To Grandma’s House We Go

Each year on Christmas Eve, we go to grandmas. We have seafood (we save the Ham for Christmas) and we get early presents. We play fun games, listen to stories from other family members, and most importantly, laugh. It’s a blast! Probably one of my favorite holiday traditions!

Christmas Morning Breakfast

Let’s face it, Christmas morning is always an early one. Either because you have kids and are opening presents or are getting ready to go to relatives for presents, food, etc. Since I’ve been an adult, a few years now, I make the same Christmas Breakfast each year.  You prep them both the night before and refrigerate. Then all you have to do is pop them in the oven before presents and next thing you know it’s time to eat! One is an easy egg and sausage casserole and the other is a baked French toast with  brown sugar and pecans. It’s especially great for Christmas because most times we don’t eat our big family meal until late afternoon or evening. It’s a new tradition that I’ve started, but I hope my daughter will appreciate it one day.

So there you have it, my Lancaster County traditions for the holidays. Do you or your family have traditions?