Grammy has retired…almost!

Burnley Family I think I’ve finally done it. Retired. Well, almost. My Kitchen Kettle schedule has dwindled to two half days a week. I don’t like to miss the Coaches’ Huddle – the Leadership Team meeting as many refer to it. That’s Tuesday mornings and I get to hear important things like sales figures and guest service stories and what’s on the calendar for the next week or so. I don’t like to miss Saturday – that’s when so many people come to visit. The energy is high on Saturday and I get to listen to Banjo Jimmy with everyone else. Sometimes I still get to help in the Jam & Relish Kitchen – that makes me feel needed.

But mostly I like to come because I can catch up with my family. Having worked for over 60 years with children and grandchildren every day I was lucky enough to keep up with all the details of their lives. I miss hearing about that and talking with them every day. So coming to work is really coming home for me – literally coming home for me.

I used to say I would stop coming to work when it wasn’t fun anymore. It’s not that it isn’t fun anymore. It’s just more fun to stay home with my husband Charlie and watch the Pittsburgh Pirates on TV or get to know my neighbors. Finally I’m doing all those things that I missed doing while Bob and I grew this business. It brought me so much joy at the time. But now I’m getting a taste of what most of the rest of the world was doing when I was at work. And it’s not so bad after all.