Grab Your Girlfriends for a Relaxing Lunch!

cuck_sandwichesAh, the children are back at school and hopefully, there’s some peace and quiet in your home for those who have school age children. I’m sure there’s lots of re-organizing to do, but remember to take some time for yourself. For me, that means reading a good book, or having friends over. The hours that the children are in school is a good time to get together with your friends. May I suggest you call a few girls now? So, I called them, now what? Keep reading for some easy things to serve while catching up after the hectic summer.

First, I love tea sandwiches: mix 1-10oz. jar Kitchen Kettle Pepper Jam with 8oz. fruit-cheesecream cheese; spread on white bread which has the crusts removed and cut into quarters. Top with a cucumber slice. For a second choice, mix 1 part Kitchen Kettle Horseradish Mustard with 2 parts mayonnaise and spread on slices of white bread, crusts removed. Top with deli roast beef and arugula and then the second slice of bread. Cut each sandwich in to quarters. This sandwich also works well with turkey slices from the deli. Next, a simple cheese platter. The selection of cheese is up to you. Either cube the cheese or place it on the platter with cheese knives. Add grapes, crackers, and a small dish of Kitchen Kettle Fig Jam. If desired, pick up fruit salad at the grocery store and drain it well. Add chopped fresh mint and drizzle with fruit-saladKitchen Kettle Raspberry Vinaigrette. I’ll let you decide on the drinks you would like to serve. For me, it would be iced tea, flavored and sweetened with a Kitchen Kettle jam. Lemonade with Kitchen Kettle Raspberry Syrup is also a great choice.

Most importantly, remember to enjoy this time with friends. The children will be home from school before you know it!


Guess who arrived early: Jackson Kevin! On August 30, 2014. Mother, father, and Jacksonbaby are all doing well.

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