Good Vibes Offers Fun Experience

Hi! My name is Annette!   I am the manager at Good Vibes in Kitchen Kettle Village.  I am very excited to be a part of such a tight knit community!  If you are looking for me, I’m the blonde one smiling and singing along to the music.  Can’t beat a good tune to keep the good


That’s me!

vibes flowing!  I am a country music fan, and grew up listening to Garth Brooks on the radio.  But will sing just about anything!

I came to Kitchen Kettle Village and was here about 2 weeks before they offered me the management position at Good Vibes.  And after thinking it through, I said YES to the position!  I have worked in an array of customer service positions and am known to be a quick learner.  I am a people person, through and through.  If I worked anywhere by myself, I would surely be crazy by the end of the week!  I have met people from around the world being in the Good Vibes store for even just a short time.  And it just keeps getting better!  I met people from New England – home of my favorite football team.  And even someone from York, England (being rivals to Lancaster, England centuries ago it was comical to have them here)!  But I can’t forget about the locals!  I have been so blessed to meet so many good people in the area – including the co-village crew.  I’ve made friends fast at the coffee shop folks Monday mornings.

Inside Good Vibes

Inside Good Vibes

With more merchandise coming in almost daily, every trip in will be a new, fun experience.   So come out to see what I have for ya today!  From Life is Good and Old Guys Rule to Laid-Back, LazyOne to Little Blue House, Natural Life to It’s a Girl Thing, not to mention the shirts I order, customized for Intercourse Pennsylvania.  I can’t pick a favorite! I’ve got something for everyone here at Good Vibes.  We recently started up a website too  –  – where I will personally ship you the item of your choice!  Be sure to check it out, so you can get a feel for the fun atmosphere here at Good Vibes.

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