Explore Local Spring Colors at Kitchen Kettle Village

Aaaahh. It seems as if Spring has finally arrived, even if the temps are still a little chilly. The earthy smell of the thawing soil and the fragrance of blossoming trees and shrubs is heaven to the winter-weary senses. And, of course, there’s the scenery. I never grow tired of seeing the farm fields reveal their colorful patchwork each spring

Local Patchwork Fields

Local Patchwork Fields

when farmers turn the soil alongside fields growing greener before your eyes as spring crops emerge. I love that AAA Buggy Rides gives guests the opportunity to explore local farmlands and

Amish Farm from Buggy

Amish Farm from Buggy

experience the transformation firsthand. And we’re right in the heart of PA Dutch farmland here in Intercourse PA. The buggy rides leave from the Village and go right through Amish farms. They run year ‘round, with each season

Stoped for a photo

Stopped for a Photo

offering something new to discover.

Planting will get underway soon both in the farm fields and in home gardens. Spring flowers already are blooming adding a beautiful display of color to homes and roadsides. I explore local plants and

Ken's Colorful Flowers

Ken’s Colorful Flowers

herbs at Ken’s Gardens here at in the Village, partly because it’s convenient but mostly because they have such a beautiful selection of local, homegrown plants. The problem is that I can’t seem to make up my mind about how I want to arrange my gardens and I always seem to find a new plant I like that I want to include. Thankfully, the girls at the shop are

Spring Flowers at Ken's Gardens

Spring Flowers at Ken’s Gardens

full of ideas of how to incorporate the plants into my ever-changing landscape design.

When’s the last time you explored local treasures at Kitchen Kettle Village? Our shops have hundreds of locally made items. You never know what you might find!