Devon Arrives

DevonEach night I count my blessings by naming my three children and mates, my six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren and my new husband Charlie beside me.  I fall asleep remembering the many friends and experiences that have filled my 86 years. Kitchen Kettle has certainly been in the forefront. I am blessed to be able to continue to show up most Tuesdays and Saturdays to keep in touch.

Loyal and loving co-workers are important to all of us. Family is a bonus. The third generation of my family is finding its way into our family business. Mike’s daughter Michelle has been leading her company for over a decade. Joanne’s son Scott returned after world experiences and stayed in the Village for two enlightening years in the lodging business until he moved with his new wife to be among her Canadian roots and family. Jim’s daughter Devon has just joined us after finishing her college career and a successful stint in the world of elite athletics to learn all about her Dad’s work in retail.

Devon will share my desk in the office. So it will be time for me to pack up all the letters, pictures and news items that I have accumulated over these past 60 years in business. Fortunately she is allowing me three months to gather. It is a joy to have her back with us.

We are blessed with new and old friends every day at out Village. Come to see the new changes that have blended with our original goals. We love to hear your stories also.

-Pat “Grammy” Burnley-Coon

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