The Deerskin Leather Shop: Grand ReOpening & ReBranding

The Deerskin Leather Shop: Grand ReOpening & ReBranding

Join us for our Grand ReOpening event and launch of our own Deerskin Leather Brand merchandise!

After 48 years in business, and six months of construction, we are excited to be hosting the Grand ReOpening on Friday, June 16 and Saturday, June 17th  from 9am-6pm.

Please join us in celebrating the craftsmen that have given our building a facelift, and the craftsmen that have created our new Deerskin Leather products. We are very proud that everything has been locally designed and handcrafted.

Deerskin Leather Shop

Special Events:

The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce will be doing a Ribbon Cutting on Friday, June 16th at 1pm.  Deerskin Leather Shop will have FREE on site monogramming of any Deerskin Leather brand products 12pm to 2pm on Friday, June 16th, and FREE shipping of any Deerskin Leather brand products all weekend! Don’t forget, June 17th is also the annual Music for Everyone Festival at the Village and there will be a variety of musicians performing throughout the Village.

Deerskin Leather Shop monogram

The History of Deerskin Leather:

The Deerskin Leather Shop started pre-1968 in the home of John I. Eby. John was a furrier who bought and sold animal skins. He dealt with many tanneries on the East coast. In the 1960’s and 1970’s it was very popular to trade a deer hide for a pair of deerskin gloves. John began trading, but soon realized he could do so much more. He started selling gloves, hats, handbags, and jackets out of his living room. His neighbor, George Hoar, always worried about all the people stopping at John’s house to trade furs and buy leather items. After an attempted robbery at John’s house George suggested to move the shop to Kitchen Kettle Village, where both John and his merchandise would be safe. John said he would move if George would run the store.

Deerskin Leather Shop

From 1968 to 1975 John owned the store and George and his wife, Zelma, ran it at Kitchen Kettle Village. In 1975 George came to the Burnley Family, the owners of Kitchen Kettle, and asked if they would be interested in buying the store. George had an insurance business and the store with John, and could no longer handle both. In 1975, Burnley Enterprises was formed and The Deerskin Leather Shop at Kitchen Kettle Village was its first retail store.

Deerskin Leather Shop exterior

Prior to construction

The Deerskin Leather Shop today:

Today the store is still owned and operated by Burnley Enterprises, and the focus is still on carrying quality leather goods. We do our best to have a blend of national brands that our customers know and love as well as locally made and American made products. During our Grand Reopening, we will be launching our own Deerskin Leather Brand of locally made harness leather belts, and locally designed and handcrafted handbags. The Deerskin Leather Brand will continue to focus on quality leather and local craftsmanship. For more information check out our website that is in its early stages at

Deerskin Leather Shop exterior

Still a work in progress

We would like to thank the team of people who have worked on this project with us, and our customers. Thank you to the Kitchen Kettle Village maintenance team and their team of craftsmen for creating an impressive building. From the architect and interior designer, to the mason and painters. Thank you to The Deerskin Leather Brand team for creating a locally made product of excellence: Liz Riden and GoodThree.

Finally, and most importantly, thank you to our customers who have shopped with us year after year. We hope that you will continue to shop with us when we launch our complete website,, later this summer and don’t forget to come to the Village to check out our shop’s new look!