Beat the Heat with These Simple Tips

Beat the Heat with These Simple Tips

Lancaster and other regions of Pennsylvania are experiencing a major HEAT WAVE.

WGAL Weather Report

The local news predicts the heat index will feel like 100-104 degrees the next few days. The humidity is so high you feel like you can cut the air. It’s thick and stifling.  Seeing the majority of the Village is outdoors this affects our employees and guests greatly.  Safety is our number one value here at Kitchen Kettle Village. With that being said, we want to offer some tips for beating the heat (or at least trying to).

Real Simple recently put together a list of 23 Ways to Beat the Heat.  We’ve pulled out 6 of their tips that can help you if you come visit Lancaster County or Kitchen Kettle Village…

  1. Spritz yourself.  Use a spray bottle with cool water to mist yourself periodically.  John Lehnhardt, an elephant expert at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, in Lake Buena Vista, Florida says “as the water evaporates, it cools you.”.
  2. Ditch the Sneakers. Wear open breathable shoes that allow your feet to breathe. As the sweat on your feet evaporates, it cools the skin and the blood in your feet. Blood vessels then whisk that blood to other parts of the body, so “you’re getting a greater sensation of coolness,” says Donald R. Bohay, M.D., a member of the American Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Society.
  3. Spice it up. You may not know this, but eating hot stuff can actually cool you down. Here at Kitchen Kettle Village we have several spicy products to help you out!
  4. Stay Hydrated. As you lose water to dehydration, your body temperature rises, so replacing fluids is essential to keeping cool. To replace the moisture that you lose as you perspire, be sure to drink, avoiding beverages that contain alcohol, caffeine, or lots of sugar, which are dehydrating.
  5. Eat Light. Avoid heavy meals.  Opt for a fresh salad or light menu option,  they’re easier to digest.
  6. Dress right.  Avoid heavy non breathable clothing. Try synthetic fabrics designed to wick away sweat. If you prefer cotton, make it thin, light colored, and, most of all, loose.

Remember we are a pet friendly Village. Please do not leave children, elderly, or pets in the car in any situation. shared an info-graphic that shows the rise in temperature after only minutes in a vehicle.

Interior Vehicle Temperature Chart

Stay safe, hydrated, and cool today (and this weekend).