Story telling has always been a part of our tradition at the Kitchen Kettle Village. Kettle Talk is another way for us to swap stories and recipes with friends and guests that visit our Village in Intercourse, Pennsylvania, and of course to meet and make new friendships with online guests. Several of us at the Village write the Kettle Talk blog.

Pat Burnley

Joanne Ladley My husband Bob and I started making and selling jams and relishes in our double garage back in 1954. That building and the house I grew up in still stand as part of the village today. And the Jam and Relish kitchen is the heart of a bustling village where I claim the title of Lady of the House. My three children and a few of my grandchildren have grown up with the Village and they work here too.

Joanne Ladley

Joanne LadleyYou could say I grew up in the Village. I’m Pat’s daughter and like my two brothers who also work at the Village, I started working here when I was two! My official title is Synergy Conductor. In a nutshell it means I get to do what I love every day which is working with our fantastic staff to introduce the “simple life” and simple pleasures of our Village, and the products we still make by hand. Putting it all together and creating an experience that our guests keep coming back for is a thrill.

Lisa Arrell

Lisa_ArrellWhat better job could a person have than Assistant Director of Fun here at Kitchen Kettle? On any given day you might find me giving a tour to a visiting group, reading comments from our guests, helping the Director of Fun plan one of our food festivals, sharing our story with the news media, greeting a bus full of guests, packing samples of our jams and jellies for a trade show, or anything else to help our guests have fun. I believe I am among the few people who can truly say, “I love my job!”

Lisa Horn

lisahornI’m the Director of Fun at Kitchen Kettle Village. My forte is fun – I love it, create it and write about it! I relish a good joke, the opportunity to laugh at myself, and life in general. At Kitchen Kettle Village I’m in charge of throwing parties for 10,000 people, rockin’ the Kitchen Kettle website with great content, and promoting the Village. Follow my posts for fun facts, things to do and so much more!

Megan Witmer

As the Digital Marketing & Events Coordinator or Fun Advocate here at the Village, I get to work as part of our amazing Marketing Team to really highlight how special Kitchen Kettle and all our events are. As a Kutztown University graduate, I’ve always had a passion for all things digital, not to mention the latest trends. I love to share my knowledge with my team, and you! So, what’s trending?

Katy Conlin

katyconlinI have a half acre yard which I garden both in vegetables and flowers. My goal with these patches of dirt is to both produce food and to draw hummingbirds. It’s a hard labor of love. I am also an avid knitter, painter and I love to sing. I enjoy all things creative including dance, up-cycling and flash mobs. Keeping it fun!

Courtney Doughtery

I am lucky to be the Marketing Director for 6 of the village stores (The Deerskin Leather Shop, Girls Day Out, Brighton Collectibles, Village Quilts, By Candle Light, Goodvibes, and The Jewelry Box) I get to work alongside the Kitchen Kettle Village marketing team to promote our unique, specialty products and shops. I love that many of our products are handmade by individuals and small businesses that focus on the quality of their craft, and I look forward to sharing more of those items with you!