A Smile is Worth A Thousand Words

A big part – the favorite part – of my job is to talk with our guests at the Village. And we welcome guests from all over the world! A smile is the universal language, understood by all nationalities and by all ages.

Earlier this month, a smile was especially meaningful. A large pre-formed group had booked our most popular group experience – Clip Clop & Shop – and was scheduled into the Village about 4:00.  We’ve had quite a bit of heavy rain this season, and this particular day was especially rainy with a flash flood watch in effect and periods of heavy downpours.

I was concerned about the group’s experience, which included free time in the Village, a buggy ride, and private dinner in the Kling House Restaurant. The experience isn’t entirely outside, but rain could make it challenging. Frankly, I wasn’t overly anxious to be outside in the rain for the better part of the afternoon with the group. Like I mentioned, we’ve had a lot of rain and I was “done” with soggy weather.


singinginrainThe group arrived on schedule – and so did the torrential downpour. But as soon as the door to the motorcoach opened, everything changed. Everyone onboard was smiling! And those smiles continued as the driver, group leader, and I stood in the downpour helping everyone off of the motorcoach. Even though there was no way to keep from getting drenched, the smiles quickly turned to childlike laughter as we splashed our way through the Village in ankle-deep puddles.

Miraculously, the rain stopped for the first time that day and the sun peeked through the clouds just in time for their buggy ride. Their cheery smiles continued through dinner, bringing comments from the servers about how especially fun this group was. As I waved “goodbye” to them after dinner, I knew this group had brought sunshine to the Village with their smiles in more ways than one.


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