40 Days and Counting!

Do you know what 40 days from today, February 7th is? It is the first day of spring and it cannot arrive fast enough. In Lancaster County and at Kitchen Kettle Village it has been a very long, cold, snowy winter. Jeez, last year we didn’t have one snow day! This year, my son who graduates, will be going to school until June 12th (if the snow days end now). I must admit that every now and then I like to be trapped in the house. CaesarI can’t go to work, can’t run all my errands and am forced to sit by the fire and enjoy a good movie while cuddling with my dog Caesar. That was fun for the first two or three snow days, now I am ready for some warmer temperatures!

There should be no rumors of a drought in Lancaster County this year. Which means lush green farmland and colorful flowers when spring actually does arrive. One of my favorite things to do in the spring is tocrocus check-out all the local greenhouses. Ken’s Gardens has a location at Kitchen Kettle, but also a large store with greenhouses on Rt. 772, right down the road. They have a huge selection of annuals, perennials, herbs, veggies, roses and shrubs. I also spend much time at Good Harvest Farms in Strasburg. They have an awesome supply of bedding plants that I purchase every year to fill my window boxes and planters. Another nice stop is Shenk’s Greenhouse on Old Philadelphia Pike, just down the road a few miles from Kitchen Kettle.

primroseAs I count down to spring I will be dreaming of what will be blooming in my yard this spring and summer. Next snow day, I just might be sketching out some new gardens I plan to add to my yard or researching interesting annuals to include in my window boxes. Here’s at 40 days and counting!

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